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Planning a Business Conference? The Best Hotel Tips!

Planning a business conference? Let Travalet help you! Keep these important details about your business hotel in mind!

The Hotel

Hotel rooms should be designed with business in mind. Having a dedicated workspace, including a desk in each room is key. Remember that appearances matter and the location you choose will be a reflection of your company values. Try to find hotels that are clean, modern, and offer lots of quiet public spaces where employees can focus.

While work should be the focus during your business conference, keep in mind your employees will need to unwind. Choose hotels which offer a lot of after-hours entertainment nearby including sports games, movie theaters, and shopping malls.

This conference room is modern, yet comfortable for its guests.

Image courtesy of reynermedia via CC by 2.0

The Conference Room

The number one priority for hosting a business conference is ensuring your attendees are comfortable. Your employees will likely be spending long hours in the conference room, so it is important to go out of your way to find locations that have comfortable seating, ample room, and functional workspace.

While many hotels do have dedicated conference areas, not all event spaces are the same. A room that is suitable for a business conference needs plenty of outlets for charging devices, and up to date technology (such as smart boards). Do your best to find a hotel whose conference spaces limit outside sound and are located far from high traffic areas such as the lobby, gym, or pool.

Free wi-fi is a must have for a business hotel.

Image courtesy of Tayloright of New York SEO via CC by 2.0

The Amenities

Free Wi-Fi

Most hotels today have free wi-fi, so finding this service should not be a problem. That being said, it is important to make sure you are booking your conference in a hotel that has high-speed internet and a stable connection. Be sure the hotel has secure access and provides the password at check-in to avoid technological delays.

Self-Serve Kiosks

Travel kiosks are a favorite amenity among business travelers. These kiosks allow for your travelers to check in and check out of the hotel on their own, without any interaction at the front desk. Many kiosks can make dinner reservations, act as a directory, or call the hotel staff.

To go a step above and beyond for your employees, try planning a business conference in a hotel whose kiosks are linked with the airport. This will allow your employees to check in to their flight, prior to getting to the airport, making their travel experience after the conference stress-free.


Shuttles are a must-have when you are choosing a location for your business conference. While the majority of your time will be spent inside the hotel, shuttles will allow your guests to simplify their commute between hotels, airports, and local attractions. Do not let your employees miss out on important conference info because they got lost in the city.


Business travelers often have to eat on the go. When choosing a hotel for your business conference, do not rely on the basics alone. Continental breakfast can get old quickly, and nothing is harder than sitting in a conference room all day without access to decent food or coffee.

Make sure your employees have many dining options, both inside and outside of the hotel.  Always pick spots that have restaurants or bars that are within walking distance too.

Remember when planning a business conference, your hotel is your employees home away from home. Ensure their basic needs are met to keep them less stressed, more focused and ready to learn!



Featured image courtesy of Cydcor. Creative Commons 2.0 image. Some rights reserved.