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5 Ways to Beat Common Business Travel Obstacles

Traveling for business may seem like a glamorous just setting adventure—flying to new cities or across the globe, exotic places, new and exciting people. The truth is traveling for business can be extremely stressful and very taxing on your health. Here are just a few things that make travel for business tough and how you can avoid them. That’s why it’s smart to book your travel with an experienced travel company so you always have support while out of the country. Here are 5 ways to beat common business travel obstacles.

Lost Time

When you are on a long flight it can be hard to get work done. This is why many say that the day-to-day business tasks pile up while you are on the road. Then means when you return you will need to “catch up” on work that you missed. This can create a lot of frustration.

Many people find that it’s best to move tasks to others or even work ahead so that certain tasks are done long before you leave.

Unforeseen Events

Of course, things can go wrong. The possibility of lost or delayed luggage, a delayed flights, or even a missed connection can cause extreme anxiety for most business travelers. This is why it’s best to have the support of a travel professional. This way, if you miss a connection, you can make a call and get help right away. No standing in long lines trying to re-book travel when you have a travel professional on your side.

Make a checklist of items that you need for your trip and then divide them between your carry-on and checked baggage. Don’t forget to include any business materials such as important files, and computers.

Find out if you will have Wi-Fi access at your hotel. If not, then plan accordingly by grabbing a portable Wi-Fi or mobile hotspot. Don’t forget your phone charger.

A New Routine

If you crave systems and schedules, you’ll find it’s challenging to find time to exercise, maintain a healthy diet, and sometimes get rest when you are on the road. This means many business travelers sacrifice their health while traveling.

Don’t make that mistake. When traveling make sure you give yourself enough time and if at all possible set up things like meal delivery, restaurant reservations, transportation and even services like a haircut ahead of time. That way if it’s scheduled, you’ll have more confidence in making that appointment.

Be ready for anything

The biggest drivers of traveler stress are lost baggage, poor or no internet connection, flying coach on long-haul flights and managing travel delays. This is why it’s smart to pack at least a change of clothing and some light snacks in your carry on. You should also make sure you dress comfortably.

It’s smart to double-check the location of your hotel and all meetings to ensure that you are flying into the best airport. Since many destination cities have two options/airports one may be better for you than the other.

Always fly nonstop whenever possible because this will take away the stress of making a connection and limit any potential delays in your travel schedule

Take care of your body

Stress can cause more severe health consequences that you may realize. One of the most common issues travelers have is jet lag, which can affect sleep and even gastrointestinal patterns. Additionally, if you are a person that doesn’t do well sleeping in strange places or eating new foods you may find that your mood, judgment, and ability to concentrate are also impacted.

Although you are traveling for business, don’t overlook your needs. If you have to eat oatmeal every single morning, then ask if room service can provide that for you. Don’t be afraid to ask for extra pillows, blankets, and towels too. Make sure you have what you need to be comfortable and take care of you.

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