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How to Speed Through the TSA Line with CLEAR

If you’re a traveler who loathes heading to the airport because of the ridiculously long security lines, there’s a solution on the horizon. How much would you spend to jump to the front of the Transportation Security Agency (TSA) line? If your answer is $10 – $15 per month, consider CLEAR, a private program sanctioned by the TSA that lets you beat the security line when you travel. You can speed through the TSA line with CLEAR.

For just $179 per year a traveler with CLEAR is able to arrive at the airport much later, sailing past those who have to wait in the security line. A CLEAR membership allows for peace of mind and a stress-free travel experience.

How Does CLEAR Work?

Through a partnership with TSA, CLEAR can quickly verify your identity via either fingerprint or iris scanning at the security checkpoint. Afterward, a CLEAR employee will escort you to the x-ray belt to scan your belongings.

Currently, CLEAR is only offered in 13 airports across the US but the program is growing quickly. At this time, the following airports offer CLEAR for navigating the TSA line in: Orlando, Denver, Dallas-Fort Worth, Houston Bush Intercontinental, Houston Hobby, San Antonio, Las Vegas, San Francisco, San Jose, Westchester, New York, Baltimore, and Miami.

While CLEAR sounds like a wonderful alternative to waiting in the security line, compared to 2015, enrollment in the program has tripled this year.


Is there a family plan for CLEAR?

After the initial $179 membership, additional family members can be added for just $50 per user. Additionally, children under the age of 18 can use CLEAR free of charge as long as they are traveling with you.

How can I enroll in CLEAR?

To enroll in CLEAR you must first do so online and then visit an enrollment center at any airport that offers CLEAR to verify your identity and record your fingerprints and iris. Interestingly, CLEAR does not do background checks, it simply verifies your identity. You may have to answer some standard questions about your background but it’s not an official background check.

Can anyone become a CLEAR member?

CLEAR is available to all US citizens and permanent residents over the age of 18. In order to enroll, you must have one of the following forms of valid, unexpired photo ID: US Driver’s License, US Passport, US Passport Card, US-issued Permanent Resident Card, State Issued ID, or US Military ID. Once you register, the TSA Line becomes a thing of the past.

What’s the difference between CLEAR and PreCheck?

One major difference between the two is that Pre-Check only works when you’re traveling with a participating airline while CLEAR works when traveling with any airline (at airports where CLEAR is present). Another distinction is that CLEAR allows members to reach screening more quickly by speeding up the verification process since not everyone can qualify for PreCheck.

Is CLEAR worth it?

With the ability to beat the security line, CLEAR is a great way to have a more relaxing trip. Being able to arrive later and relax a little more can be truly worth the annual fee. Especially if you’re a frequent traveler. Also, there are also several discounts around the web to curb the cost. Just search “CLEAR discount code” or “CLEAR Groupon.”