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7 Ways to Travel More

If you have a love of travel, sometimes finding ways to travel more can be tricky. Here are a few ways to make the most of traveling while still keeping up with life.

1. Book your flight months in advance.

This is classic travel advice for a reason. According to an article on Skyscanner, the cheapest months to book vacations are in November and May because they are considered offseasons. Plus most know that the earlier you book, the cheaper the flight will because flights are not close to being booked full.

It seems like a lot of commitment when you are considering booking 6 months to a year ahead, the benefits, in the long run, will be tenfold. Plus you’dd have comfort in knowing it’s booked.

2. Search for package deals.

“Package deals” can be a great way to save money on a trip even if you are traveling alone. Why do hotels and other getaways have package deals? Basically, it’s to sell a less popular item coupled with a very popular item. The only advice with these packages is to do an extensive amount of homework before committing. You really want to know the in’s outs and restrictions.

3. Look transitional periods.

Transitional periods can be one of your best bets if you are going to a specific location. This would include a place like a specific beach or ski resort, going in a period in-between seasons can save a lot of money. One of the biggest perks is that you’ll avoid being around a huge group of other travelers.

4. Turn your trip into a working holiday.

If you can’t really afford work wise to take a trip, you could consider asking your boss to let you go to a conference in another city (such as SXSW) or even an event that’s abroad. We specialize in business travel so if you are looking for an option like this, let us know.

5. Ask to work remotely.

Working remotely is big right now. It’s also a great way to combine work and travel. If you can convince your boss to let you work remotely, you can easily move to another location, work for a few months and then move to another. It’s a great way to see the world and still work at the same time. Plus if your employer has locations in other countries, this might be a huge plus because you can “check in” at those locations.

6. Always avoid tourist traps.

This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t see the sights it means don’t buy into everything you see just because you’re on vacation. Remember these destinations thrive because of upsells, offers and packages that are enticing to travelers. Simply make a plan and stick with it.

7. Focus on what’s free.

The world is filled with tons of things that are100 percent free or pretty close to it. An example would be if you choose to work from your vacation spot remotely, you won’t be worried about paying your rent back home. Then you travel around the city, seeing the sights for free, it’s like free entertainment.