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Want to Visit the Best Beaches in 2018?

It is never too early to start planning for summer and before you know it, it will be here! If you want to spend some time in the sun, surf, and sand, contact Travalet today! If you are not sure where to begin, consider some of the best beaches in the world!

The famous Divi trees of Aruba on Eagle Beach

Eagle Beach , Aruba. Image Source: Serge Melki via CC by 2.0

Eagle Beach, Aruba

When you imagine what the best beaches in the Caribbean look like, you are likely picturing something along the lines of Eagle Beach in Aruba. This award-winning beach is home to striking white sands and crystal-clear water. Plan your trip during the sea turtle hatching season and watch hundreds of sea turtles take to the water for the first time; observing this event is truly an unforgettable experience. Camping and tennis are just some of the favorite local activities that happen here, but the island serves as the perfect place for your destination wedding or photography session too.

Lanikai Beach, Oahu

Everyone should experience at least one summer in the beautiful Hawaiian Islands. Largely considered one of Hawaii’s best beaches, Lanikai is home to true-blue waters. Families will get endless opportunities to swim, sail, and windsurf here, however tourists agree that one must-try adventure is kayaking, a Lanikai Beach favorite. This area is tucked away from public eye and does not include facilities like those found at other popular spots, however it’s certainly a fitting trade-off to simply experience the calm water and gorgeous views you will find here.

Matira is perfect for a romantic get-a-way!

Matira Beach, Tahiti. Image source: Anthony Sowerby via CC by 2.0

Matira Beach, Bora Bora

On the very tip of Bora Bora Island, this extraordinary stretch of pristine sand is nestled against the thick vegetation and palm trees.  This location is the perfect romantic get-a-way. With stunning sunsets and drinks flowing all day long, you really will experience true paradise here. You can enjoy the scenery from a luxurious overwater bungalow, or take part in various water sports and fishing opportunities offered along the shore. Spas and resorts are plentiful near these turquoise waters, so consider spending some quality time indulging during your visit here.

View of Oludeniz Beach during a paragliding adventure

Ariel view of Oludeniz Beach, Turkey. Image source: Shardalow via CC by 2.0

Oludeniz Beach, Turkey

This beach, which stretches along the coast of southern Turkey, is home to the famous Blue Lagoon bay. Popular with tourists, this coastline is picture perfect. The clear water offers a secret look at fish and turtles below, but most importantly, the shallow depth serves as an ideal swimming spot for children. The beach is filled with relaxing sunbeds if you are looking to unwind on your trip. However, the many restaurants and shops along the coast, could keep you busy all day.

Baia do Sancho, Brazil

Baia do Sancho is known among tourists as one of the best beaches in the world. This beautiful seaside escape is full of wildlife including fish, sharks, and coral. It is secluded, and its best to arrive by boat. However, if you are adventurous, travel via the cliffs that overlook the water. This spot is perfect for diving, snorkeling, or just enjoying the view, all year round.

These are just some of the best beaches the world has to offer, and there are countless more to explore. Ready to plan your summer vacation? Let us know today!




Featured image sourced from Walterssk at pixabay.com (via Pexels.com). Creative Commons image.