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Travalet’s Pro Traveler: Tokyo Nightlife Guide

Tokyo is one of the most exciting cities that you can visit!  Most of all, you can enjoy its legendary nightlife. Here are our Tokyo Nightlife Guide and a little bit about why you need to explore this city once the sun goes own.
If you want to jump right in,  you’ll want to begin the night by grabbing a  drink and some food at a cozy izakaya or maybe enjoy seasonal cocktails at an only-in-Tokyo mixology counter. There are so many places to grab a drink or something to nibble on is the best way to gear up for a great evening.
Then you’ll want to venture into one of the many “hole-in-the-wall” rock or hip-hop clubs or sing your heart out at an all-night karaoke (à la Bill Murray in Lost in Translation). This is great if you’re meeting with a group of friends or just trying to meet to figure out what you are going to do next. You can literally plan out a week’s worth of fun in just a couple of blocks of clubs and bars.

Tokyo Nightlife Guide



If you are keen to enjoy expertly-crafted cocktails in a classy mixology den, sample local craft beer in a cozy pub, or let loose in a mega club? As one of Tokyo’s most densely packed central districts know Shibuya stays up late, with tons of places to eat, cute boutiques to shop, and plenty of clubs, arcades and karaoke bars that love catering to night owls well into the small hours.

If you’re going to miss the last train (note: most trains and subways only run until around the midnight hour), this is the place to be. The people are friendly, the clubs, eateries, and bars are tiny but amazing. 


Shinjuku is a city-within-the-city and it never seems to sleep. Just a few stations away from Shibuya, boredom is not possible in this section of town. The nightlife here runs the gamut, from rowdy izakayas and cool beer bars to red-light type entertainment and the infamous Robot Restaurant. It is also well known for it’s small but lively gay district.


It’s packed to the top with bars, clubs, and all-night parties. Roppongi is without a doubt one of Tokyo’s most famous nightlife districts. Roppongi is a complete mishmash of trends, themes, and styles. In Roppongi, you’ll find everything from upscale bars, jazz venues and western-style clubs, to countless dive bars along with more “sleazy” places.


By day, Ginza is a pretty upscale business district and known for its high-fashion shopping opportunities. It also boasts as one of the largest concentrations of luxury brands in the world. By night it becomes a virtual hot spot of cool nightlife. It’s also home to some of the best sushi bars in the world.

In short, Tokyo is home to one of the most diverse and fascinating nightlife scenes on the planet!