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Is Your Hotel Worth Your Money? Find Out Now!

Being a frequent traveler means you may stay in some of the world’s best hotels. It also puts you at risk of staying in some of the worst. Do not be fooled by how many stars your hotel has, or even how much it costs. Here is how you can tell if your hotel is worth your money.

Is your hotel room clean?

Image courtesy of Prayitno via CC by 2.0

Is it really clean?

While a visibly clean environment is important, you can really judge your hotel by looking deeper. The lobby can tell you a lot about the quality of your room before you even check in. For example, dusty plants and decorations, or dirty public restrooms on the lobby floor, may be a sign of what lies ahead in your room.

Check for dust around lamps and vases, or run your hand across the top of your furniture once you check in. Peak in corners or look around baseboards, especially in the bathrooms.  A truly clean room that is worth your money will be free of dust and dirt, even in these hard to look places.

Does it meet your needs?

A hotel that is truly worth your money will always be able to meet your needs. If you are scheduling a business conference, the hotel you have in mind should have up to date technology, free wi-fi, comfortable seating, and catering available.  Everything that helps a conference run smoothly should be at your fingertips. Just because a hotel boasts conference space, does not mean it is the best fit to host your company.

When vacationing with children, always look for hotels that are family-friendly and offer fun options like turndown service for kids and special treat deliveries. Most hotels that are worth your money have lots of entertainment for children and reliable services for parents like babysitting. Hotels that can provide basic necessities like cribs and strollers will make your trip even more enjoyable.

Customer service is priority.

Image courtesy of jarmoluk at Pexels.com (Original image at Pixabay.com) Creative Commons image.

Does the staff actually care?

Whether traveling for business or pleasure, you should keep in mind that the level of customer service you experience will be a huge factor in determining if your hotel is worth your money. Basic good customer service includes prompt greetings, sincere manners, and a willingness to go above and beyond to assist you.

Skilled staff will be willing to give you detailed information about restaurants and entertainment nearby. Exceptional employees may even offer to coordinate your activities and obtain tickets to events in the area on your behalf. Hotel employees are local experts and they should be striving to give you an unforgettable experience.

Is management proud?

First impressions are everything when deciding if your hotel is worth it. Graffiti on the premise is a huge red flag.  Dirty exterior walls, or paint and stucco falling off, are also potential signs that management does not see the property worth investing in. If management can not find a reason to care for the hotel, it is definitely not worth your money.

Is your next hotel worth your money?

Social media reviews are not always reliable. Sites like Yelp can be wrong too. Plan your trip with Travelet, so you can avoid spending the night somewhere sub-par. Our agents are trained in finding you the highest quality hotel for your next trip. Let us help you today!


Featured image courtesy of davidlee770924 at Pixabay.com via Pexels.com. CC0 Creative Commons licensure.