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Reasons to Put Warsaw on Your Travel Short List Right Now

For travelers looking for a fabulous, European getaway then Warsaw, the capital city of  Poland probably doesn’t spring to mind. Most don’t know that it’s slowly becoming not only a travel hot spot but also a luxe travel getaway for many. It’s time to travel Warsaw, Poland and see what everyone is talking about!
Once referred to as the Paris of the East, Warsaw was one of the most beautiful, sophisticated cities in the world. That is until World War II left it in ruins. The city was all but destroyed and sadly became associated with some of the most horrific events in our world. Although these events radically changed the world, Warsaw has discovered that they can both honor history while bringing life back into the city. 

New and Old are Honored

But like all beautiful places, Warsaw has reinvented itself. The city sparkles with a new energy, which is apparent when you walk the bustling sidewalks lined with designer boutiques or check out a local eatery and the exciting culinary scene. There is also a host of new luxury hotels to stay in. The city is amazing and full of positive energy while still honoring it’s past. One thing travelers will soon realize is that in Warsaw, Poland you can expect to enjoy the city’s rich culture and kinda people in spades. Plus there’s so much to see and do. 
Although there are historic monuments to the atrocities that happened in Warsaw long ago, this is one city that understands that history does not always speak for the destination. While there is a clear respect for the old, Warsaw also knows that it’s a city that has something to offer.
Travelers should start your visit with a walking tour of Warsaw’s amazing Old Town because it’s truly breathtaking. You can easily get emersed in the people and the culture. You’ll also love the cobblestoned Castle Square and Royal Castle. Having an appreciation for the rich beauty of the architecture will only further your love for this city.  

Where to Shop

Travelers seeking the best shopping should venture into Mokotowska. This street not only survived the war but it has masterfully preserved its old character for generations to come. Lined with beautifully decorated and fully renovated tenement houses that now are home to a number of designer boutiques, restaurants, and art galleries is only more proof that Warsaw has an appreciation for the finer things in life. 
For travelers that have bar hopping on their mind, head over to Poznańska. This is a narrow side street full of unique watering holes that travelers will fall in love with. From upscale wine bars to local dives, brew pubs, and small ethnic food joints this is where you can really soak up some local flair. Be ready to eat and drink some amazing food! Some of the coolest bars, are nameless and nestled quietly inside some amazing pre-war architecture. They are true gems! Don’t be afraid to ask the locals where you should be hanging out. 
Warsaw is only more proof that there are travel gems out there waiting to be discovered. When it comes to choosing something new, travelers should check out the amazing scene happening in Warsaw right now. Travelers will see that it’s truly made a comeback! There are great deals for both business and Vacation travelers right now. Contact us today to start planning your trip!