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How to Find the Right Hotel

Choosing the right hotel can be tricky, and with tons of promotions, deals, and programs out there, it can be downright overwhelming. It doesn’t help much that these days most hotels have great Web sites that are full of awesome photos and lots of slick promotional copy that easily make you believe you’ll be in the lap of luxury in no time. How can you tell if a hotel will live up to all the hype — and, more importantly, if it’s the right hotel for you or your family?

That’s why having a conversation with your travel agent about what you really need is important. In most cases, people simply can say I need a hotel in Rome. They’ll likly have more specifics in mind than that.

Know the Basics of What You Want

Since every person has different needs when searching for a hotel, you’ll need to ask yourself what’s most important to you. When booking travel with us, it’s important that you tell us some of the things you are looking for in a hotel. Whether you’re looking for a great deal on a suite, a great location with family activities or a great B&B, we’ve broken down the hotel selection process to make it easier for you to find the best hotel for your trip.

What Matters Most?
Before talking with your agent, ask yourself what type of accommodations you want and what your budget will permit. Some other things to note is does location trump price? Do you need to be near a specific meeting place? Do you need a hotel with a spa and fitness center? Would you rather stay at a small property with lots of local charm?

Once your top priority is established, then we can make a more targeted search.

What you Don’t Want in a Hotel

Even as important is what you don’t want. Not every hotel fits every person. Some people don’t like big chains. Others don’t want to be at the city center. Know what you want:


Ambiance and Local Flavor: If you’d rather avoid the big chains, let us know. There are many B&B’s, inns and small independent hotels that don’t appear on the major booking engines so you may have not even heard of them before. On the same page are those hotels that are unique and different. If you’re looking for something totally different — such as a treehouse hotel or a cave hotel these are important to know.

Special Amenities: Most of the major hotel booking engines allow you to specify certain amenities when you’re searching, such as a fitness center, swimming pool or restaurant. Travelocity makes the process easier by allowing you to compare up to four hotels side by side so you can easily weigh such factors as star ratings, amenities, rates and room types. Let your agent know this right away so they can start there.

Luxury: If you’re looking for something upscale or distinctive place to stay, then let you agent know you want to find something more “creme de la creme”  when it comes to hotels. Let them know if you plan on getting a massage, spa treatments or room service. Also, let your agent know if you want specific culinary choices such as a gluten free menu or if you are Vegan.

Loyalty Programs and Frequent Flier Miles: If you travel a lot or if you’re a member of a frequent flier program, it may be worth your while to join a hotel loyalty program. If you are in a program, you need to let your agent know so they can search qualifying properties.

Eco-Friendliness: Travelers who are looking to minimize their environmental impact may want a hotel that does that too. There are great hotels out there that are eco-friendly but they can be tricky to find. This is why having someone like a Travalet agent do the legwork.

Family-Friendliness: If you’re bringing the kids, you’ll want to check for both special deals and family-friendly policies. Not all hotels allow children. If traveling with family, you’ll also need to make sure there’s plenty to keep them occupied!

With these tips, you can partner with your agent to find all the specifics that you enjoy when you travel. Then each time you book travel, your agent will have no problem finding your perfect hotel!