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7 Holiday Travel Tips: Enjoy Traveling This Season

The holidays are the busiest time of the year for travel, and most people know to pack smart and expect delays. Ensure your trip runs smoothly by sticking to the following travel tips:

Expect the Unexpected

Harsh winter weather can be unpredictable during holiday travel and this leads us into one of our most important travel tips.  Always pack items that will be useful in an emergency such as a small first aid kit, flashlight, and extra supply of cash, medication, and toiletries.

Track upcoming weather patterns in the weeks leading up to your trip and make sure you have clothing for all possible conditions. Should you be forced to stay the night in snow packed hotel or airport you will be fully prepared.

Holiday travel can get hectic quickly.

Image courtesy of Scott via CC by 2.0

Beat the Rush

Plan to leave and return from your trip when the airports and train or bus stations will be least hectic. Never travel on Thanksgiving Day.  This holiday, and the Wednesday right before it, will be the busiest days for travel during the season.

Christmas and New Year’s fall on different days of the week each year, so the highest traffic day for those holidays will vary. Crowds lessen significantly after New Year’s Day so try to extend your trip as long as possible. Ask your Travalet representative to advise you on which days will be best to travel this year.

 Call Your Bank

While there are many helpful holiday travel tips, this one many people forget. You must notify your bank at least one week before you leave. Banks constantly watch for fraudulent activity on accounts and one of the quickest ways to get your account flagged is to make a purchase in a city you do not usually shop in.

While some banks may reach out to you immediately to verify the transaction, many banks simply stop all card activity with no notification. When calling your bank, ask for a “travel flag” to be placed on any credit or debit card you may use on your trip.

Buy your gifts when you arrive.

Image courtesy of jayneandd via CC by 2.0

 Do Not Do Gifts

Most travelers during the holidays are looking to celebrate with family. Instead of trying to pack your luggage full of gifts, opt to send your packages before you leave. If you are uncomfortable with sending gifts through the mail, consider doing all your shopping when you reach your destination.

 Watch What You Eat

Holiday celebrations center around food. Whether you are watching your diet for weight loss, or have certain food restrictions, vacation can be an obstacle for healthy eating. Consider these helpful travel tips. Let your dietary restrictions be known to your family or hotel before your arrival. This will ensure your holiday meal will be something you can take part in. Also, research restaurants near your destination that will meet your dietary needs so you are not left hungry during a last minute dining decision.

 Find Some Peace and Quiet

Try to plan a trip that avoids the crowd. Winter is the perfect time to find a quiet getaway in a cabin or quaint mountain town. While ski resorts will likely be busy this time of year, there is no shortage of private bed and breakfasts that will happily meet your relaxation needs.

Book with Travalet!

The holidays are notorious for cancellations. Usually, this happens when flights cannot travel to your destination because of weather restrictions. Car rental services are also known for canceling your reservation for a variety of reasons.

Booking all of your trips with Travalet, whether for business or pleasure, ensures that in the unlikely event a cancellation happens, you will have access to top-notch customer service representatives who will get you on your way quickly.

These are the most important travel tips we can give you. Have a wonderful holiday season!





Featured image courtesy of SeaSide Signs via flickr.com. Creative commons 2.0 image. Some rights reserved.