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Travalet’s Pro Traveler: The Haunted Places of New Orleans

New Orleans is often said to be one of America’s most haunted cities. Even if you’re not a believer in the spirit world, there’s something very eerie about walking through one of the city’s famous cemeteries. In New Orleans, the dead are interred on top of the swampy ground instead of six feet under. This means there are cool crypts, amazing headstones and more to take in. The Haunted Places of New Orleans are a must see adventure. 
Most don’t know New Orleans served as an entry point for the country’s slave trade. It was also a major stomping ground for pirates! New Orleans was also the birthplace of voodoo. A mix of African, French and Spanish traditions (and plenty of superstitions from all those cultures) and you’ve set the stage is set for otherworldly visitors and spooky stories.
The city has been smart and capitalized on the coolness of its ghostly population. In some cases, realtors even advertise when historic homes hit the market!
There are lots of tour options to explore when you visit. Here are a few of our favorites. 

Witches Brew Tours

Witches Brew Tours bring 30 years of tour experience to the streets, with guides covering ghosts, vampires, cemeteries, and witches. The latter especially timely since American Horror Story “Coven” was filmed right in town. Tour guides even dress up and play the part. They are really knowledgeable about their city too which makes for a great experience. The tour begins promptly at 8 pm.

Spirit Tours

Spirit Tours have a wide range of walking tours, but you’ll want to do the Ghost Tour. This tour draws the biggest crowds for a reason. It leaves from 601 Royal Street each evening at 8:15 pm. Stops include the famous St. Louis Cemetery with its voodoo queen grave, discusses the history of slavery and the city’s yellow fever epidemic which caused hundreds to die. The guides do a great job of translating legendary stories of sadness, misfortune, disasters, and disease creating all kinds of stories of ghosts and spirits. Storytelling is the focus of this tour. This walking tour covers some ground, so wear your comfy shoes.

Bloody Mary’s Tours

Bloody Mary offers a comprehensive ghost tour that is pretty much unrivaled within the city. Bloody Mary herself, is a New Orleans native who has traveled the globe venturing to uncover spiritual quests and always seeking out the paranormal. Tours are three and a half hours which and part of it is by a ride in a luxury van that takes patrons to cemeteries, mortuaries, a haunted bar and voodoo altars.
A mini ghost hunt is included in your tour where you are able to channel your inner psychic abilities to connect with the dead.
Ready to go on a haunted hunt? Tours for New Orleans fill fast so let us schedule your next visit!