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Travalet’s Pro Traveler: Why You Should Go to Paris in November

Fall is a beautiful time of year. The changes in the colors, the crisp air, tastes and smells that remind us of our childhood. Fall is simply amazing!  So why do we say Paris in the fall? The truth is Paris is beautiful any time of the year but in the Fall, there’s just something a little more special. Here’s why you should go to Paris in November.

The crisp air of Paris doesn’t have as much of a crisp feeling as Fall in New England. However, once you see the trees that line the Champs Elysées throughout Paris sporting red, orange and yellow leaves you’ll feel in awe. Many areas also have free merry-go-rounds and ice-skating rinks (as you get closer December). Two places to visit the Champs-Elysées and the Hotel de Ville both have tons of these activities to do!

Paris has a bit of a reputation for not liking tourists but that’s all changing. In 2016, Parisian authorities recently instituted a whole host of new things to make visiting Paris easier. It includes English-speaking guides that can help give directions, suggestions and other advice to tourists.

The Paris region also now has a “CityPass” that will double as a subway ticket as well as entry to several popular attractions.  This is created to prevent tourists from carrying large sums of cash throughout the city thus decreasing crime and making the city safer.  It’s highly advisable to grab one because makes navigating the city a snap.

Shop and Enjoy the Season

Another reason why you should go to Paris in November, are the crowds of holiday season travelers have yet arrived making the marketplaces less crowded. So visitors in November can take advantage of many of the festive traditions that kick off the season. Just like in the U.S. most department stores will unveil their gorgeous window displays, and decorative lights drape the streets as well as whimsical holiday decor. The city truly feels amazing!

One area that should not be missed? The Christmas markets, or “marchés de Noel.” These are set up throughout Paris and are amazing. They allow vendors and craftsmen from throughout the country to sell artisan/handmade products.Shop here to pick up one-of-a-kind gifts for friends and family. You’ll find amazing treasures from Savon de Marseille, to small sachets of dried lavender from Provence, handmade chocolates, and zesty gingerbread.

So what’s stopping you? November is the perfect time to visit Paris!