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Six Things to Know Before Traveling Switzerland

Switzerland is one of Europe’s most visited countries, and that’s no surprise considering it is home to some of the most beautiful landscapes in the world. To be sure you get the most out of your trip to Switzerland, we’ve rounded up six of the most important things to know before you embark on your journey and go traveling Switzerland.

Travalet’s Things to Know Before Traveling Switzerland

  1. It’s all about the trains. Switzerland has one of the best train systems in the world. With trains that can take you from one end of the country to the other within two hours and forty-five minutes, there is no reason to rent a car. It is worthwhile to buy yourself a train pass that will allow you to take the train as needed. Besides for the convenience, the views from the train are magnificent. They often cut through mountains and beautiful terrains when traveling Switzerland.
  2. The Swiss are very prompt. You may be of the mentality that if your train is supposed to depart at 5:37, you probably have until 5:40 to get there. In Switzerland, however, the trains are run to a dime, and if the train is supposed to depart at 5:37, you must be there at 5:37 or you may miss your train. This complicates things if you have a connecting train. Just be sure to go swiftly from the first train to the second. You won’t have time to waste!
  3. They do not use the Euro. Although Switzerland is in Europe, it has its own currency – the Swiss Franc (CHF). This is equivalent to .82 Euro or 1.11 dollars. If you’re traveling from another European country, you’ll have to exchange your Euros for Francs, or withdraw money from a local ATM when traveling Switzerland.
  4. Be sure to take a visit to the Rhine Falls. The Rhine Falls is the biggest waterfall in Europe. The location has many amazing viewpoints, as well as access to the waterfall itself. It costs 5 CHF to enter, and for an additional 15 CHF, you can take a boat ride to the top of the waterfall.
  5. Explore the Swiss Alps. Obviously, the Alps are one of Switzerland’s most popular attraction. There are many different mountains, and each has its own means of exploring it. You can find information on the web, as each mountain has its own website. One of the most popular mountains is Mount Titlis. Many tours are available of this mountain, starting in the city of Lucerne. Then taking a revolving cable car to the top of the mountain. Be sure to check the weather before choosing where and when you will go, as the weather in the Alps can be unpredictable. Don’t want the fog to obstruct your views.
  6. There are amazing hotels. The Swiss take their hotels very seriously. In some cities, the hotels provide you with free transit passes, and in others, there is a free mini bar in each hotel. Most hotels provide free Wi-Fi throughout the entire building as well as a complimentary breakfast. Even a three-star hotel in Switzerland could feel like a five star one in a different country.
  7. Take in all the beauty of Switzerland, engage in the culture, and enjoy your trip!