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Travalet’s Pro Traveler: Travel Productivity Tips Anyone Can Use

Heading out of town for business again but have a ton on your plate? With no time to waste and the added stress of traveling, you may not feel that you’re in the best environment for productivity. However, with a little planning and organizing, you can turn any travel day into your best work day.

Travalet’s Pro Traveler: Travel Productivity Tips Anyone Can Use

Stay in Your Routine

Just because you’re on a trip doesn’t mean you’re on vacation. You may see an amazing sunrise on the water from your hotel room balcony but resist the urge to throw your soon-to-be-productive day out the window. Sticking to your routine will remind you that this is still a regular work day. Get up at the same time, exercise just as you usually do, eat lunch at the same time, etc. All of these small details will keep you from slipping into vacation mode–the antithesis of productivity mode.

Pack Smart

Only pack your essentials. Trudging through the airport with heavy luggage is not the mark of a productive traveler. Packing lighter means less waiting in line for bags, moving through the airport quicker and ultimately, more time to get things done. Also, for many airlines, packing light means saving money on baggage fees.

Don’t worry, there’s always room for all of your favorite travel accessories.

Organize Your Workflow

To get the most productivity out of your workday, creating an intentional plan ahead of time will allow for optimal organization, time management and prioritizing of tasks. Spend time planning ahead of time so that you can treat yourself later.

Make a list. Sketch out your workday(s) with time slots and prioritize tasks. Use an app like Wunderlist to keep reminders and tasks close-at-hand and top-of-mind.

Email autoresponder. Add an auto response to your email. This will let people know that you’re not available and will limit the amount of emails you receive. This means less response emails for you to write later.

If you’re able to, have a co-worker respond to some emails while you’re away. This will lighten your load and make you feel more on top of it once you return home.

Schedule meetings effectively. When traveling for business, you’re more likely to get more done if you schedule all of your meeting in one chunk of time rather than sporadically throughout the day. This will allow you to be more focused and get things done. This one of Travalet’s Best Productivity Tips Anyone Can Use.

Schedule an optimal travel time. If possible, fly or drive on days that are in the middle of the week vs. near the weekend. This means less traffic, less people, and a more efficient travel day.

Use Flight Time Wisely

I know what you’re thinking. Long plane ride means nap time. While sleeping through your flight might be an appealing idea, you may not feel as recharged as you would hope (part of sticking to your routine). If you’re aiming for productivity, your time stuck in your seat could be quite valuable. Don’t waste it!

A lot of planes have wifi, but if yours does not, consider doing some offline work. Responding to some emails and saving them as drafts, preparing for that presentation next week by going over your slides and notes or reading that report you’ve been putting off–you’ll be happy to get some of these small tasks off your list and it will free you up to do other tasks, or just to relax at your hotel.

Treat Yourself

Now that you’re settled and you’ve gotten organized and used your time wisely, it’s time to treat yourself. Have a dip in the hotel pool, a drink at the bar, or maybe go sight-seeing. To be your most productive self, you need rest and relaxation as well!

Also, traveling is a great opportunity to see the world from a different perspective. Traveling for business, you’re often alone, providing an ideal time for personal growth and development. No matter how you decide to spend your travel time, Carpe diem!