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4 Travel Hacks for Easier Business Travel

For the diligent business person, planning your trip in a shrewd manner can be the key to getting everything done–and still giving you time to enjoy your destination. With these travel hacks, you can complete your tasks and still have time for R&R.

Here are 4 Travel Hacks for Easier Business Travel

Sleep on the Plane

While it is important to use flight time wisely, depending on your destination, sleeping on the plane can set you up for a successful business trip. If you’re taking a red-eye and your ETA is around the same time that you would be waking up on a normal day, it’s advisable to try and sleep on the plane in order to stay in your regular routine. These are some of the most valuable travel hacks you can follow. No one want to spend their trip groggy!

A few tips for sleeping on the plane:

  • Bring a comfortable sleeping item. Whether it’s a travel pillow, a DIY sleeping wedge or simply a baseball hat, if you’re planning on sleeping on the plane, don’t forget to pack your go-to sleeping item.
  • Grab the window seat. The window seat isn’t just the best view. Sitting here allows you to close the window and lean against the wall for some serious Zzzs. Also, no one will be shuffling past you to head to the bathroom.
  • Choose your flight time wisely. If you know you’re planning on sleeping, choose the flight time where most of the other passengers will be sleeping as well.

Curb Jetlag and Fatigue

When traveling for business, the last thing that you need is to be jetlagged. Here are some tips to curb jetlag and fatigue:

  • Resist the urge to snooze. While planning your time on the plane, make sure you stick to the sleep time that is applicable to your destination’s time zone. If it makes sense, as our tips above state, sleep through that red eye. If it doesn’t make sense to sleep because the time zone you’re headed to is quite different than your own, fight jet lag by staying awake through your flight.
  • Use melatonin. Whether you’re using it to regulate your circadian system (your body’s 24-hour cycle), or you just want a better night’s sleep while traveling, research shows that taking melatonin can be quote useful for overcoming jet lag and improving alertness.
  • Cut back on caffeine. If you know you’ll need to regulate your sleeping pattern, try not to down that double espresso. Caffeine can make it hard to fall asleep and can contribute to jet lag.
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Learn some key phrases

As you’re traveling in a foreign city, the last thing you need is to feel more disconnected than you already do. Learning a few key phrases can make all the difference. Whether it’s “hello,” “goodbye,” “thank you,” or “where is the train station,” understanding a few key phrases can help make your business trip as frictionless as possible.

There are several apps and language learning tools that make learning phrases quick and painless.

Pack the Essentials

For those who are frequent business travelers, packing smart can be a key to less frustration.

  • Keep gadgets charged. Different countries have different outlets. Make sure to bring a converter so your gadgets can stay charged and functional.
  • Bring a luggage scale. Bringing your own luggage scale can save time and money. Dodge those extra baggage fees by weighing everything ahead of time.
  • Organize, organize, organize. Organization is key for packing smart. There are several organizational travel items that are both stylish and comprehensive.

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Between planning the best time for getting some sleep, learning a few phrases and packing for success, with these travel hacks you’ll have a speedy, organized and restful business trip.